What are YOU doing about your health?

By DeDe Hausmann

Did you realize that many women, ages 18 and older, place the health and wellness of others close to them before they consider their own health?!!!!  A recent study commissioned by the MONISTAT brand found that 59% of the women surveyed stated that.

National Women’s Health Week, a health initiative devised 12 years ago by the United States Department. of Health and Human Services, was created “to motivate and empower women to take control of their health by becoming more active participants in their own healthcare experience”.  This means that females NEED to find primary care doctors and see them annually so they can develop long-lasting relationships that will assist them during all stages of their lives regarding various health issues that might arise.

We’ve all heard and know that early detection of illnesses and prevention are two major health benefits of regular checkups and I bet most ladies make sure their spouses and kids see their docs regularly.  So why don’t WE feel that we need to do that too?!!!   Am I referring to you?  As the old saying goes, “if the shoe fits, wear it”.

We women need to give value to ourselves and realize that if we aren’t healthy, how can we help take care of our loved ones?!!!  Admit it—women are the primary health caretakers in most American families.  It’s usually wives and/or moms that  always seem to know when a spouse or child is catching a cold or suspects someone has a fever just by noting that person is not acting normally.  But if she doesn’t feel well and others NEED her, her health issues fall by the wayside until she becomes sicker than a dog.  Who takes care of her then?!!!!

OK women.  It’s time we realize that OUR HEALTH MATTERS.  If you haven’t seen a family physician within the past year, make an appointment NOW.  Don’t have a family doc?  Ask friends for recommendations and take it from there.  By establishing a relationship with a doctor, he or she will know and understand your personal health history and when issues arise, help is available.  And if more specific care is needed, your family physician can refer you onto a specialist.

National Women’s Health Week was created to remind ladies that our health matters.  Have you got some possible health issues but haven’t seen a physician about them?  Call your doctor.   You and your family will benefit.  And if finances are stopping you, call your county health department for available assistance programs.

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