What Delectables are YOU Preparing for Easter?

By DeDe Hausmann

What are you doing for your Easter meals?  I’ve posed that question to many friends and have found an array of different agendas for the day.  Some do a brunch at home before or after church and then go to a restaurant for dinner, while others enjoy a quick breakfast after the young ones have had their Easter egg hunt, gather everyone in their Easter finery and head to church and then later in the day they enjoy a scrumptious Easter afternoon or eve meal at home.

No matter your plans, I bet you could use some appetizer and/or salad recipes made with delicious and nutritious dairy products.

  • You can’t beat a Breakfast Casserole (or Strata) that you’ve prepared the day before, refrigerated overnight and bake in the AM.   Strata’s are great for they usually call for dairy, grains, meats and veggies and then add a fruit salad and OJ, milk and coffee to go with it and you’ve got all FIVE food groups covered!!  Talk about an easy, nutritious meal and if you don’t have a recipe, google STRATA RECIPES on the internet!!!
  • Need scrumptious but healthy appetizers to snack on during the day?  Prepare a Vanilla Yogurt Dip (mix fat-free Vanilla yogurt with a little nutmeg and cinnamon) to serve with fresh fruits, such as strawberries, banana and pineapple chunks, and grapes.  For an easy veggie appetizer, mix fat-free PLAIN yogurt with dry vegetable soup mix.  Have a bounty of broccoli and/or cauliflower bits, mini carrots, grape or cherry tomatoes, or whatever you have in your veggie crisper as dippers. And don’t forget to provide chunks or slices of your favorite dairy cheeses to serve with wheat crackers.  NOTE: read CRACKER labels carefully re: dietary fiber.  Choose crackers with at least 1 or more grams of dietary fiber per serving and choose reduced fat crackers whenever possible.
  • Here’s a great recipe for a Cole Slaw Dressing.  Whisk together ½ C. reduced fat mayo, ¾ C. PLAIN non-fat yogurt, ¼ C.sugar, ¼ C. cider vinegar, ¼ t. celery seed, ½ t. dill weed, ¼ t. black pepper, and salt to taste.  For a Fruit Slaw (found recipe at Marzetti.com and altered it a little), add the dressing to 5 C. shredded red or green cabbage, 1 C. shredded carrots, 1 small can mandarin oranges (drained), 1 C. seed-less red grapes, 1 C. sliced strawberries, 2 peeled/chopped kiwi’s, and 1 T. poppy seed.   Toss and chill before serving.  For a Veggie Slaw, add the dressing to 5 C. shredded red or green cabbage, 1 C. shredded carrots, ¼ C. onion bits, ¼ C. diced radishes, ¼ C. celery bits, and/or whatever vegetables you want to use.  I like to add ½ cup of raisins to perk up the flavor and texture.  Chill well before serving. Both recipes serve 10 easily. 

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