YOU Deserve a Break Today

By Michelle Plummer

YOU Deserve a Break Today…

McDonald’s has long since been associated with fast, fun food, a wonderful mascot and children.  During this crazy time of tax preparation, finding all those receipts (they are here somewhere…), and phrase, “I just need one more deduction”, McDonalds allows all of us to be kids again!  IT is hard to believe that it was 1970 when that jingle came out and the Big Mac was grabbed up!  So what does McDonalds and the Dairy Council have in common…

In 1968, McDonald’s rolled out the now legendary Big Mac, and in 1969 McDonald’s sold its five billionth hamburger. Two years later, as it launched the “You Deserve a Break Today” advertising campaign, McDonald’s restaurants had reached all 50 states.  (April 15th is tax day) Psst… check out -this is a fun website with picture postcards from each era.

McDonald’s pioneered breakfast fast food with the introduction of the Egg McMuffin in 1972 when market research indicated that a quick breakfast would be welcomed by consumers. Five years later the company added a full breakfast line to the menu, and by 1987 one-fourth of all breakfasts eaten out in the United States came from McDonald’s restaurants.  (Dairy folks believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day)

In 1975, McDonald’s opened its first drive-thru window in Sierra Vista, Arizona. This service gave Americans a fast, convenient way to procure a quick meal. The company’s goal was to provide service in 50 seconds or less. Drive-thru sales eventually accounted for more than half of McDonald’s system wide sales. Meantime, the Happy Meal, a combo meal for children featuring a toy, was added to the menu in 1979.  (Dairy believes all meals should be “happy”)

My point being that McDonalds gives us many opportunities to enjoy our 3-Every-Day in fun ways.  Get your morning started with McCafe coffees, Frappes, and Steak and Egg Burrito, OR an afternoon pick-me-up with real fruit Smoothies (mixed berry OR strawberry banana) and on the drive home grab a Mac Snack Wrap and chug of milk OR a snack size (half the size of the regular) McFlurry.  McDonalds and the Innovation Center for Dairy have teamed up to promote dairy and good nutritional choices.  The 2010 Dietary Guidelines states all foods fit, so whether it is a chug of milk and a Egg McMuffin with a bag of apple slices or a classic Big Mac and side salad with cheese, McDonalds offers fun, food and flavor all with a dairy twist!  Go treat yourself to a bit of fun, Tax Day – April 15, after you drop the envelope in the mail….go ahead “You Deserve a Break Today” with McDonalds and Dairy!

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