Getting to Know Jenni Purcell

What do you do at Indiana Dairy?

I am the Director of Communications and direct a wide variety of communications, public relations, fun promotional activities, and educational initiatives for the American Dairy Association of Indiana and the Dairy & Nutrition Council. I am also a Registered Dietitian which helps in my communications concerning importance of including dairy products in your daily diet.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is that it is NOT the same every day! I could be working with the Indianapolis Colts one day and be on a dairy farm the next. I could be talking to kids at school about wellness and then on television or radio promoting an event or dairy products.  I work for Indiana Dairy Farmers and couldn’t be more passionate about whom I work for and what I promote – dairy and good nutrition. The people I get to interact with during my job are amazing and I continue to learn each day.

Tell us a little about yourself:

I have worked here at the Dairy Association just over two years. In my past life I worked at Muncie-based Midwest HealthStrategies where I served as business development coordinator.  Previously, I was the corporate wellness director of the Muncie YMCA and served as a clinical dietitian for Community North Hospital in Indianapolis.

I am a resident of Anderson, hold MS, BS and AS degrees in Dietetics, Exercise Science and Diet Technology from Ball State University. I have a dog (puggle) named Gunther who is very ornery. I enjoy exercising, especially outside, and sports.

Tell us a little about someone who has influenced your life and why?

Wow! I don’t think there is just one person that has molded me. Of course my family has had a huge impact on which I am – especially Mom and Dad. My two older brothers teased me constantly when I was younger so I am that didn’t help my sarcastic personality.

My math high school teacher, Mr. Householder, and two college professors have helped me tremendously in my career. Also, each job I have held there have been people who have taught me how to better myself. I am thankful for everyone who has been put in my path.

Do you have a favorite recipe or restaurant to share?

Of course my favorite recipes all come from my mom and she doesn’t write them down J. I don’t have a FAVORITE restaurant but some of the recent ones I have enjoyed are:  Stone Creek Grill and Puerto Vallarta (Mexican restaurant in Muncie).

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