March is Women’s History Month- Let’s SHOUT OUT to the Ladies

By DeDe Hausman

The 2011 theme for WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH is: OUR HISTORY IS OUR STRENGTH.   Women unite families, communities, and nations and have for centuries.  That’s why this celebration was designated in 1980 by joint resolutions of the House and Senate and by proclamations by FIVE American Presidents.  It’s an opportunity to celebrate women’s unique historical achievements.

Usually honorees are recognized for national achievements but this year local organizations and institutions have been asked to recognize and honor women within their own communities who have shown courage, strength and creativity during challenging times.  And considering the economic climate of our country we should recognize women who are making a difference.

In the past, women’s achievements weren’t recognized.  Many female endeavors were undervalued or even dismissed entirely.  Thank heavens many people now place men and women’s successes on equal footing.  It doesn’t make a difference what gender a person is; what makes a difference is what a person has accomplished especially during challenging times.

In my 16 years working for the dairy industry I can think of many female dairy farmers who have made or are making a difference in their communities and in our state.  One in particular that comes to mind is LuAnn Troxel, of Hanna, Indiana.  She became a dairy farmer 27 years ago when she married her husband, Tom, who had been a dairyman for 13 prior years.  For years she has been an advocate for our industry.  Many a time she has welcomed “city folk” to their farm and makes sure they leave knowing all about the dairy industry.  She loves dairy farmers and feels they are practical, hard-working people who care about their animals while protecting the environment.  And she’s always touting the healthful benefits of dairy products.  On top of that she is currently the president of Indiana Professional Dairy Producers (IPDP), which is an organization that promotes a profitable, positive and professional image of Indiana Dairy Producers.  In years to come LuAnn’s achievements in and for our industry will be well-documented.

I’m sure you can think of many women in your communities who have made or are making a difference.  Go to (National Women’s History Project) for more info and let’s recognize what women have done or are doing to benefit our communities, our country and possibly our world.


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