Links We Hope You’ll Love

By DeDe Hausman

We want you to know what dairy farmers do and there’s no easier way than via many website links (including Dairy Farming Today, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and many of these you can get to via our website, WINNERSDRINKMILK.COM.   Check out the following links and you’ll be surprised about all the interesting info that you can learn about the dairy industry.

On the header towards the top of our home page, click on DAIRY FARMING.  Here you can view and listen to videos produced on 5 Indiana dairy farms.  These are meant to give you a “birds’ eye view” of dairy farming.  You can listen to radio spots, too.  This link can also take you to DAIRY FARMING TODAY.ORG, a website produced by American’s dairy farmers.  You can see up close and personal what dairy farmers from Maine to California are doing to provide all of us with wholesome, delicious and nutritious dairy products.

Don’t forget to check out the lower left of our home page and you’ll see a section entitled, SOCIAL MEDIA.  These links, which include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and this blog, WDM (Winners Drink Milk), offer more insight into dairy farming.

Here are some highlights of some of those SOCIAL MEDIA links.

1) Our Facebook page has both short and full-length articles on ag and nutrition issues.  As in all Facebook accounts, you can add comments to articles/issues of interest to you.

2) By clicking on the Twitter icon, you’ll find concise and timely messages on a variety of ag and dairy nutrition-related topics.

3)   YouTube: Many of us have viewed videos on YouTube and our YouTube link offers many great ones.  Check out an interview of Miss America 2009, Katie Stam, while she was at the 2009 Elkhart County 4-H Fair.  Katie grew up on a dairy farm near Seymour, Indiana, so we asked her to come to the county fair and officially open the “Miracle of Life” Calving Center Exhibit.  Her interview details her love of dairy farming and how it and 4-H programs helped her grow into the person she came to be.

4)   And since you are reading this blog post, via WDM, you’ve noted that American Dairy Association/Dairy & Nutrition Council Inc employees and Indiana dairy farmers are preparing these posts to keep you informed about health and dairy-related issues that affect us all.

Take time to check out all of this great social media info re: our dairy industry and you’ll come away with the knowledge that dairy farmers work hard to produce delicious and nutritious dairy products EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!


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