Happy Chocolate Cake Day!

By: Michelle Plummer

Happy Chocolate Cake Day!

Yes, January 27 (tomorrow) is considered a national holiday for cake…while I am not sure of its history or even who began this holiday…Hats off to the person who did!  Chocolate cake is great plain and simple!  Think about it…have you ever had a ‘bad’ piece of chocolate cake?  Well, maybe, but what is your next step?  Go to the fridge and pour a big glass of ice cold milk and now you have perfect AGAIN.

It really is difficult to enjoy something so rich and delicious without the balance of a glass of milk.  I have to tell you; when I began to write this blog (how can chocolate cake and dairy work in a blog?) I was skeptical; however now, I am salivating over The Barefoot Countess’s chocolate cake and I really want a glass of milk to compliment it!  As many of you know, I am a strong support of the magic in a Starbuck’s cup except when it comes to cake.  Milk is my choice!

As I look at the ingredients of this simple cake (yes, any novice can make this one!) dairy really does play a starring role!  Buttermilk makes this cake light, moist and lower in calories that many counterparts.  The buttercream icing will cause you some extra workout time, but really National Chocolate Cake day only comes once a year…unless we can find other great reasons for cake…

Enjoy the many benefits of a homemade chocolate cake.  The recipe is simple, you will not get frustrated, the ingredients are modestly priced and the joy and pleasure you get from making a cake from scratch is euphoric!  I cook all the time from scratch, muffins- accomplished, bread- no big deal; cookies—why would anyone buy store bought when these are so simple…but making and baking ‘cake’ scares me as much as having Julia Childs teach me to make Beef Bourguignon! I have made this cake many times, each time I feel as though I have won the Pillsbury Bakeoff or the Cooking Olympics.  So lift your glasses high and let me be the first to toast your culinary success with a ice cold glass of MILK!!!