Colts Fitness Camp

By Mary Nicholson

Students all around Indiana are getting a workout with Colts alumni player and Super Bowl XXLI winner, Mike Prior!  In conjunction with Dairy & Nutrition Council’s Fuel Up to Play 60, Mike and his team involve students in a 45 minute workout with jump ropes, free weights and calisthenics.  The fitness camps teach students how to warm-up, workout properly and live a healthy lifestyle. Not only is the importance of being physically active stressed, but eating properly is also addressed.  These two topics are the key components of the Fuel Up to Play 60 program, a collaboration between the National Dairy Council and the NFL.

Ten Fuel Up to Play 60 schools that applied for funding earlier this school year were chosen to receive a Colts Fitness Camp from the Dairy & Nutrition Council. Each camp is composed of three 45 minute workout sessions, with different students at each session. Twenty five other schools also are participating in the fitness camps. This translates to more than 4700 students benefiting from this fun opportunity.

After each session, each participant receives a pint of chocolate milk in order to fuel up!  The milk is provided by Prairie Farms and Deans dairies.  Dairy & Nutrition Council also provides bags, sweatbands, and nutrition information; the Colts provide pennants, posters, and prizes; and other camp supporters provide water bottles and/or pedometers so the participants a have a great face to face experience of health and physical activity in one packet.


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