Say CHEESE to National Cheese Lovers Day!

By Michelle Plummer

Happy National Cheese Lovers Day!

Have you ever wonder why saying cheese makes you smile or what does cheese and teeth have in common or Mom always says YES to cheese as a snack!  According to an article written by Kashket and DePaola, cheese helps to lower the acids and prevent dental cavities.

Cheese is available in over 900 varieties on almost every continent. It is no wonder Americans love the complexity, textures, aromas and variety of uses for aged milk!  In Indiana we have approximately 20 cheese houses and artesian cheese makers.

According to ChaCha, Americans consume approximately 30 pounds of cheese yearly– almost 8 ounces a week. 

So now, I just need to know how do you enjoy your cheese selection?  Is it on pizza, with crackers or for dinner in a casserole? Or, perhaps the best comfort food around…Macaroni and Cheese?

My next question has to be then, what type or flavor of cheese?  As some of you know, we feature American, Colby, Swiss and Gouda at the Dairy Bar at the State Fair….what would your recommendation be for the new grilled cheese for 2011?  Send your comments to and we will keep you updated on the results!

Sometime today, as you snack, swirl or melt your way to cheesey goodness remember you are benefiting in so many ways by enjoying and celebrating the Joy of Cheese….SMILE!


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  1. We’re celebrating cheese day up here in Canada too!

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