Put a little health in your holidays

By DeDe Hausmann

OK it’s the holidays and you are fretting about not putting on any (or TOO MANY) pounds during this season of abundance or doing too much so that you get sick and you can’t enjoy this special time.   Don’t fret—you can put a little health in your holidays with some easy tricks!!!

  • Do you normally bake lots of calorie-laden foods and you find yourself “snacking” as you are preparing? This describes me to a “T” so this year I have purposely not baked anything yet and if I must, I will make sure that I have eaten a healthy meal beforehand and will keep reminding myself that I am preparing those GOODIES for others, not for me.  I won’t deprive myself if I want a bite or two but I will limit myself.  I hope this isn’t wishful thinking!!!  I’ve been working too hard on having a healthy lifestyle to blow it all at Christmas.  Does this sound like you?
  • Exercise daily.  If you are a regular fitness person, keep up what you are doing.  Not an exerciser?  Try to do a little something.  Many malls have walking clubs or just make sure to get there before the heavy-duty shoppers arrive so you can get your arms swinging and you can work up to a brisk walk.  If you know you need a “buddy” to keep you on track, call a friend and ask her/him to join you.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.  Holiday celebrations often disrupt our sleep schedules.  Try to get to bed around the same time every eve.  And if you need a nap before a BIG event, take it.  Even a 20 minute nap can refresh most people.  We want to go to social gatherings in pleasant moods, right?
  • Going to a party where there will be lots of delicious foods and “will power” is not your strong suit? Eat a healthy snack before you go and when you do approach the food table, look for vegetables and salads first, savor them SLOWLY, and then treat yourself to a few calorie-laden goodies.  Enjoy yourself and remember moderation is the key.
  • Don’t stay too close to the food table. Step away from it and engage in conversation with old friends and make new ones.  If you are happily conversing, you’ll be less tempted to eat and your mind should be taken off the food.
  • If you have over-indulged, don’t get upset with yourself.  Remember there’s always tomorrow and just make sure that you eat more intelligently the day after your indulgence and you’ll be fine.

Hopefully these little healthful tidbits will help you enjoy this holiday season  this year.

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