It’s that giving time of year!

By DeDe Hausmann

It’s the giving season, whether you celebrate Christmas or other December holidays.  This is when we think of giving gifts to our loved ones and friends but it’s also a time to for us to remember those who need a helping hand, especially at this time of year.

I’m sure you’ve seen the SALVATION ARMY red kettles when you’ve been out and about.  The SALVATION ARMY assists those in need year ‘round so the funds collected now are very important.  Their mission statement includes, “meeting human needs in His name without discrimination”.  They feed the hungry, provide Christmas presents for needy kids, aide seniors with heating payments, have youth camps, offer disaster relief, have adult rehabilitation programs and fulfill many more basic human needs.  It’s wonderful to note that many churches, businesses and organizations are offering to volunteer to ring the bells between Thanksgiving and Christmas so the SALVATION ARMY’s funding dollars go farther.

We’ve also seen lots of media regarding TOYS FOR TOTS, sponsored by the US Marines.  Many media outlets, as in TV and radio stations, and other businesses, are collecting new, un-wrapped toys for kids and the toys will be given out via different avenues.  Every year at this time my workout facility allows new members to join without having to pay a membership fee and instead are asked to donate an item for TOYS FOR TOTS.  Come to think of it, that’s how I joined 9 years ago!!!

AREA FOOD BANKS are also encouraging various groups and businesses to collect non-perishable foods and non-food items (such as toilet paper, paper towels, dishwashing liquid, cleaning supplies, etc.)  and donate those items to food banks.  With our economy still recovering, more families are in need of assistance for food and other basic essentials and so area food banks are in constant need of replenishing.

For the last 2 years our company has chosen to provide for a needy Indianapolis-area family at Christmas time.  We have provided food and gifts for family members by using funds that might instead have been used for a staff outing.  We all agree that this makes the true meaning of the holiday season, giving to others, come alive to all of us.

Are you and yours extending the joy of Christmas (or other December celebrations) to those in need?  Check out what needs there are in your community, extend assistance and watch your holiday joy be magnified.

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