Gluten Free Holiday Options

By Michelle Plummer

As some of you may have read over the past few months of writing, I teach at Ivy Tech Foodservice Nutrition and a few days ago we ended the Fall Semester.  This was a long semester mostly because I teach on Tuesdays and all of the holidays are, surfice to say never on Tuesdays!

This semester I had a great and eclectic group of students, from a baconaholic, a newly pregnant mommy, a carnivore with a vegan girlfriend, about 5 soon to be chefs and one who is totally gluten intolerant.  While this is not the end of the world, it does make some of the festive treats a challenge, snacking is more than just grabbing a bag and go and then there is the cooking, WHEW!

My student made full Thanksgiving dinner, including rolls for her family and everything was delicious.  So my reason to write this quick little blub-blog (it that a word?) is to provide some excellent sites and other ideas rather than bread and wheat as the first go to for dishes.

Rice or Tapioca puddings, marzipan cookies, the chocolate no bake cookies with oatmeal and peanut butter is a great treat and packed with nutrition nuggets of fiber, antioxidants and more!  The holidays are for everyone!  From my baconaholic who loves pecan, cranberry, bacon cookies to my gluten free students that makes truffles that are just sinful.  My hope is that whoever is at your tables enjoys the bounty and spirit that only food, friends and festivities can offer during this time of year!

Suggested websites:,1-0,no-bake_chocolate_oatmeal_cookies,FF.html

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