Risol- An Indonesian Treat

By Michelle Plummer

While I was at Jungle Jim’s this weekend, picking up brioche for French Toast and slab bacon to cut extra thick slices for baked beans and pondering over the 8 different types of additions to fresh mozzarella that they offer daily, I sampled a Risol!  This little morsel was bright in color, great sweet flavor and in the shape of a traditional egg roll, but better.

Being the dietitian of my group, I read the nutritionals and WOW the first ingredient was MILK!  all of the other ingredients were easy to read, no preservatives, no trans fat or MSG and low in calories boasting at 140 calories for a large roll filled iwht carrots, chicken and milk!

This little treat is perfect as an afternoon snack, appetizer or dinner when a salad is added.  I think the most exciting part of the whole experience was Milk was listed first in a great little treat!

I never know what I will find at Jungle Jim’s but it is a trip worth taking each and every time I go!


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