Spreading the Good News

Guest Post by Indiana Dairy Princess Elles Niessen

Hello my name is Elles Niessen and I am this year’s Indiana Dairy Princess. Part of my responsibilities as the Indiana Dairy Princess is to attend different events and spread the good news about dairy.

On October 23rd, I attended an annual ‘Fairy on a Dairy’ event sponsored by the Kelsay Dairy Farm. My attendance at the Kelsay Dairy Farm was greatly enjoyed. Little girls in adorable tutus and wands showed up ready to learn about the Fairy who was saving ‘Buttermilk Hollow’ with one dairy product at a time. The kids all loved the story and were very attentive and eager to learn how these dairy products are very important for their health.

After finishing up the story, we all went on our adventures parade through the barns with the wands they were given. They also were able to go on a princess hay ride, which they all enjoyed. The kids were wonderful to be around.  After spending time with them, it was clear to me that I am leaving a mark behind and perhaps changing their view on dairy and dairy farming. I am promoting the importance of dairy and want to have a positive impact on these girls.

Being the 2010 Indiana Dairy Princess has been great, because with this specific event, I have seen my influence on these bright young kids. They wanted to learn and listen, and were honored to be around a “real” princess. One of the parents actually approached me after the program to thank me on helping her daughter get involved and not be so shy and timid with the other kids and myself.

Also in the month of November I attended the Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) in Indianapolis at the Lucas Oil Stadium.  This event was sponsored by the Indiana Dairy Farmers and it was a great honor to attend. I was able to hand out awards and of course an ice cold glass of milk to all the hard working band members after an intense performance. This glass of milk refueled them by not only providing them with a source of rehydration but helped their body retain, replenish and rebuild their muscle and energy. Individuals at this event couldn’t wait to drink their milk after their marching band performance and commented how good it tasted.

My next event will not be until the Fort Wayne Farm Show.

Thank you to everyone that has supported my efforts in promoting and protecting the image of dairy!

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