Blogging for Apples

By Michelle Plummer

Over the weekend I took some much deserved time to myself and drove to the local apple orchard.  Yes, it really is harvest time in Indiana.  The sweet aroma of apples, fresh pressed cider, the jumping of children off the bales of hay– Agritourism is alive and well in Indiana!  As I enjoyed by fresh cider and hot buttery elephant ear with apple butter smear, I observed the trees turning the beautiful shades of autumn and the crisp wind blowing to allow couples to cuddle together and children don their latest new coats and scarves (not really that cold, but new is new after all!).

I made my purchase of Jonagolds, Granny Smiths and cider and drove towards home hoping I could remember where I put the apple butter recipe from last year….hmm. Upon entering the house, the phone rang with the news that the neighborhood has decided to have autumn fest in a few weeks with bobbing for apples, broom riding and a cauldron of chili and cider for fun!

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