Breakfast… Not Just for Kids!

During September, National Breakfast Month, concentrate on eating breakfast such as cereal, milk and juice or a fruit smoothie.  Breakfast kick starts our day, providing nutrients to the brain as well as the body. Even better is that breakfast is for everyone! Adults benefit from eating breakfast by the following:

From New England Dairy & Food Council.
  • Less likely to overeat high calorie foods throughout the day
  • Helps decrease overall fat intake throughout the day
  • Achieves & maintains appropriate body weight
  • Less likely to snack between meals
  • Gives the needed energy for the day
  • Psychosocial behaviors improve

Of course, children benefits from breakfast, too! Eating breakfast at school helps kids perform better, as shown by them making fewer mistakes as well as having an increase in math and reading scores. In addition, children who eat breakfast at school – closer to class and test-making time – perform better on standardized tests than those who skip breakfast or eat breakfast at home.

School breakfast improves student behavior and learning environments:

  • Lowers rate of absence & tardiness
  • Decreases behavioral & psychological problems
  • Fewer discipline problems
  • Visit school nurses’ offices less often
  • Decreases tardiness and suspensions
  • Increases student attentiveness

Students require nutrients and energy for concentration on academic tasks. Actually, everyone needs food for work, school, and play. Breakfast can provide those nutritional necessities and prevent symptoms such as headache, fatigue, restlessness, and sleepiness from competing with educational outcomes. So, now you may be thinking, “What am I going to eat in the rush of the morning?” Try these simple, quick, and delicious tips recommended by dietitians:

  • Cereal with fruit & skim milk
  • Oatmeal, piece of fruit, & skim milk
  • Fruit-topped pancakes & skim milk
  • Bagel with peanut butter, piece of fruit, & skim milk
  • Whole wheat toast, poached egg, salsa, & skim milk
  • Granola bar, piece of fruit, & yogurt
  • Scrambled egg whites with vegetables, salsa, & skim milk
  • Yogurt parfait layered with fruit & cereal


Some information from K-State Housing & Dining Services.