Chocolate Pigs Starring at the Indiana State Fair!

It’s hard to believe that today, August 6th, begins the Year of Pigs at the 2010 Great Indiana State Fair! From corn on the cob to corn dogs, elephant ears to chocolate pigs the fair offers everyone a day of fun, enjoyment, and a bit of nostalgia. Not to mention there is always that one new piece of excitement!

For the die-hard Dairy Bar diners you have enjoyed the Moose Tracks hand dipped ice cream, been amazed by the gooey elasticity of Indiana made Gouda grilled cheese sandwich, and this year — you’ll be raving over the chocolate pig.  Yes, as our tribute to the Year of Pigs the Dairy Bar has developed a custard dessert that is topped with crispy smoked bacon bits, crunchy roasted almonds, and rich chocolate syrup!  This custard dessert has something for everyone. It will excite all of your taste buds, and is for all ages.  Just ask for the Chocolate Pig and a great deal for $2.50!

There are other great nutritious food choices at the fair: roasted corn on the cob dipped in another dairy favorite, butter; Red Gold Tomato juice; Indiana Pork’s award winning Garbage Burger; and a Hoosier favorite from the Beef Cattleman’s Association, the ribeye steak sandwich.

However, I would be remised as a Dairy Bar fan if I didn’t tell you that the American Dairy Association of Indiana provides the best family meal value on the premise!  A 12-ounce glass of deliciously ice cold milk is only 50 cents!  Creamy and low-fat cottage cheese is also only 50 cents a serving.  Grilled cheese (everyone’s favorite) be it on white, wheat, or rye is a mere $2.50 each, and they are a healthy and tasty treat!  From fried mozzarella sticks with marinara, cups of yogurt, apple slices, milk shakes that require a spoon, and the best premium hand-dipped ice cream in six luscious flavors– there really is no place like the Dairy Bar during the Indiana State Fair! Can you think of an easier and tastier way to enjoy your 3-Every-Day of Dairy? I bet not!

See you at the Fair!