Get Up & Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

July is National Recreation & Parks Month with July 9th being National Recreation Day so let’s get out and enjoy all that God has created for us in our national, state, and local parks.   Still making plans for your summer vacation?  If so, consider taking the family to Zion and/or Bryce Canyons in Southern Utah and drive just a little further south and take in the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (just as beautiful as the South Rim and much less congested).  Or check out the Badlands in South Dakota, Yosemite in California, the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee or any of the other majestic national parks within our country.

Whether at home or away, try hiking, swimming, rafting, canoeing or whatever form of recreation you and yours enjoy.  You’ll be spending quality time together, you’ll enjoy all the natural beauty that is around you, and because you’ll be expending energy, you’ll feel better both physically and mentally!!!  Whenever we are physically active, we stimulate the serotonin in our brains, and that causes us to mentally feel better.   Did you know that even after just a short period of physical activity our bodies feel better, too?  So you get two healthy bonuses for the price of ONE exertion of active movement.  How great is that?!?!

Ever try biking as a family?  Instead of plopping down in front of the TV or computer after dinner, how about your whole family taking a bike ride together in your city park or neighborhood?  Get out those bike helmets, put on some sturdy tennis shoes, and go for it!!!  Don’t forget to take some water for hydration during your ride and as soon as you finish, REFUEL with icy cold chocolate milk.

Chocolate milk is an ideal SPORTS RECOVERY DRINK because it is or has:

*90 % water,

*carbohydrates to replace depleted muscle glycogen,

*protein to build and maintain muscles,

*calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus, and magnesium for strong bones,

*potassium to help muscles contract and regulate body fluids, and

*B vitamins (niacin & riboflavin) to help convert food to energy for exercising muscles.

So get up, get out and get moving, whether you are enjoying the beauty of one of our majestic national parks or you are just biking around the neighborhood.  Then, REFRESH AND REFUEL after your physical activity with nutrient-rich and tasty icy cold CHOCOLATE MILK.  Your body will love you for it!

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