A Local Farmer’s Market Adventure!

Today, two Ball State University students, Victoria Parry and Olga Suchshinskaya, are our guest bloggers. Victoria is currently a Dietetic Intern and plans to continue with her Master’s of Science degree in dietetics next year. She hopes to become a Registered Dietitian (RD) and specialize in either renal dietetics or work to educate the public regarding healthy eating patterns. Olga was born in Kazakstan, Karaganda, grew up in Lafayette, IN, graduated from Purdue University, and is currently doing her dietetic internship. Over the years she has realized that people are her passion and kids are her devotion. She loves working with pediatric patients and their parents but also enjoys helping people optimize their health through proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.

Olga & Victoria, BSU Dietetic Interns

July is National Ice Cream Month, and this week has been a whirlwind of events for us interns.  We, Victoria and Olga, were fortunate enough to visit a local farmers market down the road. For Olga, this was not the first trip to a farmers market, but Victoria had never been to one!!!  We absolutely had to explore the wonders of crisp fresh veggies, aromatic colorful fruits and so much more. We headed to ALC’s Farmer’s Market and discovered a quaint collection of fragrant flowers and herbs such as red & pistou basil, lemon balm, red vein sorrel, English lavender, shiso, thyme and sage–just to name a few. Our next discovery was intriguing Kohlrabi! This plant belongs to the cabbage family and tastes similar to a mild turnip. It can be eaten fresh as a snack or sliced on a nice green salad; what a great summer meal! We saw yellow squash and round zucchini that would be perfect with rice, lean beef and fresh herbs. We also saw an amazing display of homemade baked goods in charmingly rustic packages and bows.  Bright red cherries and assortments of delicious apples, jams, jellies, and honey were spread across the tables of farmers smiling over, literally, the fruits of their labor! We even saw a display of sparkling pearls and semiprecious stone jewelry.  The trip was a success, but we needed something to freshen us up a bit.  Luckily, we came to a stand selling handmade flip flops and homemade ice cream as part of a fundraiser. We jumped at the opportunity to get some delicious, cool ice cream to refresh our taste buds. Let us tell you, the smooth, cool ice cream topped with juicy, fresh strawberries went hand in hand; it was amazing! The ALC Farmer’s Market has so much more to explore, taste and learn so bring your whole family. Kids are much more likely to eat fruits and vegetables that they can touch, smell, look and learn about like you can at the farmer’s market.

Watch us on YouTube, we will be posting a video of our experience at the ALC’s Farmer’s Market!

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  1. Olga has generously advised me to drink skim milk 3 times a day & include 2 fruits & a variety of vegetables in my daily diet.. I’m sure this will allow me to be healthier & live longer 🙂 Merci, Olga.. Best of luck in your endeavours!

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