Dairy farmers set to deliver Victory Circle milk

 Every driver in the 2010 Indianapolis 500-Mile Race will want to make the acquaintance of two Hoosier dairy farmers on Sunday afternoon.  And they’ll know exactly where to find them.  Franklin Weaver and Richard Thomas will be standing, cooler in hand, on some of Central Indiana’s most valuable real estate – Victory Circle at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Richard Thomas is one of the milk men this year for the Indianapolis 500.

Weaver, a dairy farmer from the small southeastern Indiana community of Bennington, and Thomas, a dairy farmer from the northern Indiana town of Middlebury, are assuming responsibility for continuing one of Indianapolis’ most treasured traditions.  The “Milkmen” will deliver the fabled Bottle of Milk to the winner of the 94th 500-Mile Race, courtesy of the American Dairy Association of Indiana (ADAI).  Both are board members of Milk Promotion Services of Indiana, ADAI’s parent organization.

 We are honored to be selected by our peers to continue the tradition that means so much to those of us involved in the dairy industry here in Indiana as well as throughout the U.S.,” Franklin said.  “We appreciate the support of this tradition by the Hulman-George Family, and recognize the important place it holds in the hearts of everyone who loves the Indianapolis 500.”

 “Just as everyone around the world thinks of the 500-Mile Race when they hear the word ‘Indiana-polis,’ most also are aware of how every winner toasts victory at this great track,” added Richard.  “Franklin and I take the responsibility of representing this tradition very seriously, and look forward to the great opportunity of carrying it forward come Sunday.”

 A drivers’ poll conducted annually by the American Dairy Association of Indiana provides the “Milkmen” with the information needed to hand the race winner exactly the type of ice-cold milk he, or she, likes best.  This year’s results are:

  •  2 Percent Milk (14 drivers)
  • Whole Milk (5 drivers)
  •  Non-fat (Skim) Milk (8 drivers)
  •  No Preference! (6 drivers)

  2010 marks the 55th consecutive year for the beloved tradition of drinking milk in Victory Circle – one that Franklin Weaver and Richard Thomas intend to see live on come Sunday.

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  1. Can you believe the winner gets to choose whole, 2%. or skim? That is serious business.

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