The Race Is On!

Although Bump Day is not a nationally recognized holiday, it is in my house!  That’s the day that the field for the Indy 500 is set.  After watching several practices during the week, you’re always wondering who will be there on Sunday, May 30, and who won’t.  The drivers and their teams work so hard to get their cars ready for this huge event, and we know what the weather can be like in Indianapolis in May!  I was scheduled to take an Indy 2-seater ride last Friday, but Mother Nature’s total cooperation wasn’t there that day, so I didn’t get to take my ride just yet.

Ana Beatriz

My job is so much fun during the month of May.  One of our biggest events of the year occurs the Tuesday before Race Day, and it is the annual Fastest Rookie Luncheon.  This occasion has been part of the Indy 500 tradition for more than 30 years now, and it celebrates the rookie driver who qualifies with the fastest time.  These drivers aren’t new to racing they are just new to the Indy 500. On Saturday, three of the seven rookie drivers qualified to be in the field, and Ana Beatriz was the fastest rookie at that time.  But Bump Day can change a lot of things! 

Mario Romancini

The fastest rookie that was who was honored today at the Fastest Rookie Luncheon was Mario Romancini, driving for Conquest Racing.  He qualified on Sunday at a faster average lap speed than Ana had on Saturday.  But because he didn’t qualify until Sunday, he will be starting two rows behind Ana on Race Day.  Mario was the honored guest, but the remaining five “newbies” to the Indy 500 were also introduced and recognized.  Who knows, maybe one of them will be taking a drink of ice cold milk in Victory Circle on Sunday!