Refuel at the Geist Half Marathon

We will be at the Geist Marathon with chocolate milk!

The Indy Mini Marathon just finished up, and the next race on the list is the Geist Half Marathon! The 3rd Running of the Geist Half Marathon & 5K takes place on Saturday, May 22, 2010. This boutique race has sold out every year, including this year with 6,500 runners and walkers! Proceeds benefit health and wellness programs in local schools. Participants benefit from the scenery–running over five bridges along the tree-lined winding course and the beautiful Geist Reservoir. We will have chocolate milk at the end waiting for the runners.  Buttercup, Dairy Association of Indiana’s mascot, will also make a special appearance.

The way you treat your body before, after, and in-between workouts can make a difference in maximizing your endurance, comfort, and potential. Remember a couple of things in between races: Refuel and hydrate!

An effective option for refueling your tired muscles is lowfat chocolate milk. The unique mixture of nutrients in lowfat chocolate milk makes this delicious beverage the ideal post-exercise choice. Also make sure you keep the carbs coming. Carbohydrates are essential for muscle recovery after strenuous exercise. Experts recommend eating as soon as tolerable after exercise. In addition, continue to eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates for several weeks following a race to replenish your carbohydrate stores.

Staying hydrated is important before, during, and after your race. Sweating is your body’s natural way of releasing heat from your hard-working muscles. However, during strenuous exercise, you can become dangerously dehydrated from too much water loss. Aim to minimize dehydration by drinking fluids during activities. Also when you sweat, you lose important electrolytes like sodium and potassium. Pizza, pretzels, and bananas are typical recover favorites that contain the necessary sodium and potassium to help your body rebalance. And, of course, don’t forget milk – it contains potassium and other minerals such as calcium that are also lost in sweat.

After the race is finished remember to congratulate yourself on a job well done and start preparing for your next competition!

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