Celebrate Cinco de Mayo, family & good health!

Whether you celebrate Cinco de Mayo or begin your promise for the American Dietetic Association’s (ADA) Start the Movement Day, the Dairy Association is here to help you celebrate activities associated with good health and better fitness.  Making dinner as a family and enjoying tacos, burritos, or nachos with chili con queso topped with sour cream or yogurt are only two of the many ways to celebrate with cheese and dairy products.

Along with a great celebration comes moving!  Dancing the salsa, rumba or exercising to the ZUMBA musical beat you should try to achieve 30 minutes of physical activity daily.  Celebrations are a great way to break the doldrums of the same old work out.  Be creative and colorful with your celebration through food and movement.

We also encourage you to join ADA from now until the end of May in a national project to empower people to eat right and exercise.  “Make the Movement Day” is a grassroots event that is held today, May 5, and sponsored by Active Life Movement.  It encourages you to share ‘Moments’ of healthy eating (Fuel), physical activity (Move), and personal and environmental health (Honor) to promote healthy, ACTIVE lifestyles.  In creating ‘Moments,’ you can do something as simple as eating a healthy lunch or planning a day-long litter cleanup at a neighborhood park. You can also recruit your friends and family to do the same.

On this day, we ask everyone to do something focused on physical activity, nutrition or personal and environmental health as a demonstration of their commitment to a healthier America. We call these activities ‘Moments’ and ask you to create and share your Moments with us. We know you’re busy so we’ve made the process of creating and sharing a Moment as easy as possible. Join the Movement by creating your Moment today!

¡¡Celebrar a la familia y la buena salud!! … Celebrate family and good health!