Why Am I Thankful For You?

Deb Osza, General Manager of the American Dairy Association of Indiana, shares why she is thankful for you, the consumer of dairy products and the wholesome nutrition it offers.

A family enjoying milk with their meal so that they can get the 9 essential nutrients that dairy products provide.

I am thankful for all of the families including moms, dads, kids, aunts, uncles, and grandparents who enjoy milk and milk products in their daily diets. Because these families are consuming dairy products in their daily diets, they benefit from the nine essential nutrients that milk offers. This food choice helps to ensure proper health which is good not only for their families, but also for our country, and for this I am grateful. And of course without all of you milk drinkers, dairy farmers would not be able to do their job, and I would not be able to help dairy farmers promote their wholesome product. So, as you can see, we all need each other.

Count Your Blessings

 I feel very blessed to be living in 21st century America. I am thankful for my family, my friends, and all of you who make life worth living. While our country may not be perfect, it is a wonderful land of freedom and opportunity. Although we live in a land of great abundance, many of us are being hit hard by the current global economic disaster. As many of you know, this has been the toughest economic year for dairy farmers since the 1930’s. Paul Mills, a dairy farmer from Ossian, Indiana, had this to say,

“Most, if not all dairy farmers have been hit hard by this recession. I’ve never experienced any downturn as bad as this in my 40 years of dairy farming. We are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m hopeful that 2010 will be better for dairy farmers and for all of us. I am very proud and blessed to be producing milk, a product that is so important to good health. It is my family business and my passion.”

In spite of this economic crisis, dairy farmers do their jobs. They take care of their cows and the land to produce milk. We can be assured that when we get to the grocery store, there will be all flavors of milk, creamy yogurt, smooth ice cream, delectable cheese, and even whipped cream for your pumpkin pie. In addition, a cup of milk will still have 30% of your daily value of calcium and 25% of your daily value of vitamin D along with milk’s other seven essential nutrients not named! Furthermore, remember that a cup of milk with all of those vitamins and minerals will cost you less than 25 cents, and that my friends, is a true bargain.

One Response

  1. You are right on saying we can be thankful for our dairy farmers. They provide us with some of the best products we can get for our families. I love serving them to my grandchildren when they visit.
    Growing up on a dairy farm gave me wonderful memories to treasure. The work was hard but the bond we shared in the care of our herd cannot be measured. God bless our friends who still milk those cows, bale the hay, and keep our tables full of nature’s goodness.

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