Dairy is Sexy!

Michele Payn-Knoper

Michele Payn-Knoper spending time with a dairy heifer, a species and industry with which she is very passionate about.

With a title like “Science, Soundbytes & Sex Appeal” you know you are in for an attention grabbing night. Indiana’s dairy experts gathered on November 4, 2009, to learn how to put a little pizzazz in their words when speaking about the dairy industry.  This annual Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) meeting hosted by Milk Promotion Services of Indiana, Inc. was held at Purdue University’s Beck Agricultural Center in West Lafayette. Attendees learned that it is time for Indiana agriculture experts to be proactive in telling their amazing story to the public.  Michele Payn-Knoper, a professional speaker and consult, was the guest presenter during the meeting. She has inspired thousands throughout her career and inspired several more during her presentation last Wednesday night.

Being a registered dietitian and a huge fan of dairy, I know that dairy products are wholesome and nutritious with the nine essential vitamins and nutrients that they provide.  However, the average consumer does not know about these amazing dairy benefits. So, how do they learn about them? How can dairy farmers educate their community about the hard work they do every single day and about the care they give to their animals and land?  Not everyone is blessed with the ability to explain or show how dairy is “sexy,” so that night Michele helped light a fire under everyone in the room by encouraging them to find their passion. In doing so, they will now be able to better inform the media and their neighbors about what they do and why it is such an asset to the community.

The SAP members in attendance brought to the table their wealth of knowledge and experience, combined with a real understanding of the dairy industry. However, they are not always able to share their important story in an appealing way with the public.  So, that is exactly what Michele Payn-Knoper taught them how to do. Now, these experts will be able to more effectively communicate their messages of dairy farm practices and dairy nutrition to consumers.

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